C A P I T A L   S Q U A R E,  L L C

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I create promotional graphics for Capital Square, LLC which are used on various social media sites and magazine advertisements. I am responsible for creating a new theme every few weeks to keep the content relevant and eye-catching. I maintain the company website and add new articles for clients to read and review. Currently, I am designing and implementing a new website for Capital Square that better fits the industry and its target market.

Capital Square, LLC, founded in 2017,  is a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary located in the South. Capital Square has offices in Chattanooga – TN, Gainesville – GA, Little Rock – AR, Waco – TX, and Fairhope – AL. Capital Square is a fee-only based investment adviser that focuses on one thing: you. Capital Square customizes an investment portfolio that matches the clients’ financial needs and future. Various services that Capital Square offers include 401k Solutions, Retirement Planning, and Portfolio Management.